Repurchase of credit for tenant

Are you a tenant and want to consolidate all your credits into one? You have accumulated several credits as and when you need them. Want to put your budget in order? You can apply for a personal loan that will cover all your credits.

The conditions for obtaining this type of credit:

  • have regular income (salaries, pensions ...),
  • not be listed in the FICP .
This repurchase of credit is quite simply a personal loan and as such it is a new request for credit that you make.

What types of credit to redeem?

All consumer loans can be redeemed, plus you don't have to pay compensation to pay them off.
You can therefore include:

  • personal loans, car credit, work credit
  • store card accounts
  • revolving credit .
On the other hand, are excluded:
  • real estate loans or similar
  • business loans.

What duration to choose for the repayment?

Our advice is simple: choose the shortest possible duration ! ... The reasons are logical:
- the shorter the credit, the less you will pay interest,
- the faster your credit is finished, the faster you will find a reduced budget.

Do not hesitate to ask for different estimates : sometimes a repayment period of one year less can save you thousands of euros!

What should be compared between several credit buyback offers?

To compare offers it is imperative to take identical amounts and credit terms . Then you can look at the APRs offered, the monthly payments , any administrative fees and especially the total cost of the credit which is the most important element .
Warning! An offer with administration fees can sometimes be cheaper than an offer without administration fees.

How to choose the establishment that will buy back your loan?

As with any service, you have recognized credit houses, serious brokers, and ... there are a large number of pharmacies who see in you only the possibility of receiving a nice commission !!!
We have therefore selected below the sites which offer correct pricing, quality services, and which are recognized as serious. Of course, this shouldn't prevent you from comparing their offers.

We advise you to:

  • always carry out several credit simulations,
  • and make real requests on 2 or 3 sites to check in particular the rates charged and the administrative costs ...

You will find below a selection of establishments offering credit redemption:

Establishments Benefits Click!
Cofinoga An immediate online response in principle for consumer loan buybacks cofinoga
Younited Credit A loan for individuals ... between individuals. Often very well positioned in terms of credit. Younited Credit
Finishes Established since 1998. Obtain a first estimate of your reduced monthly payment in real time FinaPrets


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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