Mortgage loan repurchase

This type of credit generally incorporates the legislation of the mortgage loan. When setting up the mortgage repurchase, you will also have to sign the mortgage guarantee at the notary .

With a mortgage loan buyback, you can buy back:

  • your consumer loans (personal loans and revolving accounts)
  • your mortgage s

Possibly, with some establishments, you can add a sum of money for a new project.

An example of mortgage loan repurchase

  • You have several consumer loans in progress for a total amount of US $ 18,000,
  • You owe 62,000 us dollars to settle your mortgage ,
  • You have to change your car for a new one in the amount of 15,000 us dollars.
The financial institution will offer you to buy back your outstanding amounts for a total amount of US $ 95,000. It will add to this amount the application fees and the costs of notarial deeds for an amount of 7,000 us dollars.
You will therefore receive a loan repurchase proposal of 102,000 us dollars (95,000 + 7,000 us dollars) over a longer repayment period in order to reduce your monthly payments.

Your advantages :

  • a single reduced monthly payment
  • possibility of subscribing to this type of loan even while being registered with the FICP

What should not be forgotten:

  • you must be the owner of real estate,
  • the fees and notarial deeds, which must be added to the file,
  • a period of 2 months necessary for setting up the loan,
  • an increase in the cost of credit due to the spreading of the debt.
  • when you receive the offer you have a cooling-off period of 10 days before returning it signed: this period cannot be reduced
  • Once the offer has been signed and returned, you have a 14-day retraction period if your purchase consists mainly of consumer loans.

Our advices

Do not hesitate to fill out the form on several sites : you will be able to compare the offers, especially at the level of the administrative costs and the rate.
Once the forms are completed you will receive proposals. Compare the offers!

You will find below a selection of establishments offering credit redemption:

Establishments Benefits Click!
Cofinoga An immediate online response in principle for consumer loan buybacks cofinoga
Younited Credit A loan for individuals ... between individuals. Often very well positioned in terms of credit. Younited Credit
Finishes Established since 1998. Obtain a first estimate of your reduced monthly payment in real time FinaPrets

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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