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6/2/2017 - Macron Law: 1, 2, 3 change bank!
More than four in 10 French people have never changed bank (42%). They prefer to bitch about increasing bank fees (47%), too restricted opening hours (26%), loyalty not rewarded (45%). In short, it's horrible, and even to change banks it's complicated! Or rather it was ... Today, February 6, 2017, it becomes possible to change banks without really having to worry. Basically, it is your new bank that will notify all the establishments that operate on your account. Those who collect, like taxes, your telephone operator, but also those who pay you sums such as allowances, your employer ... This is possible thanks to the Macron law on banking mobility which comes into force as of now. From now on, to change your bank account, you simply need to specify it to your new bank, and sign a mobility mandate by providing a RIB. The new bank will have 22 days to complete the transfer of transactions. The real plus is that you will not have to warn all the establishments one by one by sending letters, emails with your bank details, etc. Initially, this banking mobility only affects current accounts. If you want to transfer your mortgage, this is another type of operation whose profitability must be checked. Now is the time to switch to online banking and therefore reduce your banking fees!
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