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3/29/2017 - Owners… 6 out of 10 want to do some work
In a survey published by the journal PAP (Individuals to Individuals) 60% of owners would be inclined to renovate their homes, if they had the means. Because the same study indicates that this desire is thwarted by the cost of the work… The first declared need to renovate one's home is the search for energy savings to lower electricity bills, fuel oil… Windows, roof , the radiators but also the walls are generally the first works to be undertaken. Immediately after these renovations, it is the upgrading of electricity and water networks that are considered by the owners. This work requires calling on a professional who guarantees compliance with the standards in force. Personalization and aesthetics are among the last concerns of the French regarding their accommodation. However, a new area is starting to interest homeowners: automation and remote control. It is true that for older people it is easier to press a button to close all the shutters or turn on the heating before arriving! Whatever the project, households find the work too expensive for their budget. If the average of renovation sites is between 10,000 and 40,000 us dollars, the French pay an average of 4,456 us dollars for small projects, which are more frequent. These sums can rarely be paid in cash and the consumer is therefore obliged to 'consider financing in the form of credit. It should also not be forgotten that there are tax grants and credits for certain types of work.
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03/20/2017 - Orange Bank… no rush!
Announced for February 2017, Orange Bank will not finally be launched until mid-May for the general public and during the second half of the year for Groupama customers. The announcements are accelerating, proof that the orbit of this new online bank is almost finalized. For the start, Orange Bank will offer almost all basic services: online management of the current account, deposits, transfers, bank card, NFC payment (contactless), consumer credit, savings account, insurance ... new bank informs that home loans will be available as a second step. It will have a major advantage compared to other online banks, it will have 140 points of sale (out of the 850 shops) which will be as many meeting sites with cyber customers. On the technology side, the director of Groupama Banque also announces that many innovations will be launched for the occasion and that several functions will be automated. No more info to date ... Only point to watch, Orange Bank has announced that it wants to be "cheaper than what exists today and also transparent on pricing conditions". Knowing that the basic services of online banks are 99% free (see our comparison), this means that "pure" banking has decided to compare itself with traditional banks rather than with pure players ...
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