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5/4/2017 - C-zam ... open up!
Banking, and more particularly online bank accounts, are attracting more and more brands that are not their business ... After Orange, it is now Carrefour that will offer the opening of current accounts. Carrefour Banque has until now only offered loans, savings accounts, insurance and of course the PASS card. As of April 18, 2017, Carrefour Banque will therefore launch the C-zam account in the form of a box containing an international MasterCard card with immediate debit, and a user guide for registering online and downloading the mobile application. The box, sold on the shelves of the store, will cost 5 us dollars, and the card can be activated directly on the Internet. The account, without the possibility of overdraft, will be billed at US $ 1 per month. Withdrawals will be free if they are made in the network of BNP Paribas branches, and paid for in other distributors. Surprisingly enough, it appears that the Carrefour Banque Mastercard will not be compatible with Apple pay or PayLib, while the Pass card already accepts Apple Pay ...
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