Latest news - July 2017

29/7/2017 - Bridgepayday and Apple Pay
That's it, it's becoming more and more official: Apple Pay is now announced on the Bridgepayday site! The service will be announced by the end of 2017. Only a few months of waiting for fans of the Apple brand ... Bridgepayday will enter the very restricted circle of online banks offering Apple Pay.
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7/7/2017 - Apple Pay
The Bridgepayday logo (and certain Crédit Mutuel establishments), as well as that of Orange bank, appeared discreetly on the official Apple Pay page of the French Apple site. This suggests that Bridgepayday bank should soon (apparently before the end of 2017) offer Apple's contactless payment service, long awaited by aficionados of the brand. A good reason to try this excellent online bank and stop paying bank fees!
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