Latest news - January 2016

23/1/2016 - Works, benefits maintained for 2016
For once this is good news for owners and tenants who want to do some work. The government has just maintained the tax credit for the energy transition. In practice, tenants and owners who have work carried out to improve the energy performance of their main residence will be able to obtain a tax reduction rate of 30% ... For the same person, in the same accommodation, the amount of expenditure does not may exceed 8,000 us dollars (single) or 16,000 us dollars (couple). - work relating to the installation of condensing boilers, thermal insulation, energy production equipment using a renewable energy source, etc. is taken into account. - equipment for producing electricity from wind power is excluded, and in general equipment which would combine other tax advantages ... In addition, the government has also provided for anti-abuse measures (a very French specialty) . These make it possible to exclude from the tax advantage mixed equipment combining eligible equipment and non-eligible equipment for producing electricity using solar energy. These measures are extended until 12/31/16.
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