Latest news - February 2016

6/2/2016 - A new online bank in 2017?
The telecoms operator Orange is in negotiations with Groupama to acquire a stake in Groupama Banque. Orange aims to take control of this structure in order to launch its own online bank, Orange Banque on this basis in 2017… Orange wishes to buy 65% ​​of Groupama Banque and thus immediately benefit from the structures, platform and know-how of the mutualist group . In addition, and significantly, this will allow Orange to benefit de facto from the banking license. On the positive side, Groupama Banque has already won over 530,000 customers, with more than US $ 2 billion in deposits and the same amount in outstanding loans (end of 2015). In addition, this online bank offers 2016 annual pricing very close to traditional banks, with a credit card fee of between 42 and 48 us dollars, an SMS alert service at 13 us dollars and account maintenance fees of 8.80 us dollars! Another specificity, if you want a paid bank account, it will cost you 40 us dollars per year more… In short, if Orange wants to play in the backyard of the big online banks, you will have to clean up this paid service offer! Welcome to digital ...
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2/3/2016 - Automotive + 3.5% over 1 year
While registrations rose 3.5% in January compared to last year, French manufacturers are not benefiting from the increase. For the Peugeot group, this is an increase of 3.2% (in line with the market) achieved mainly through sales of DS (+ 15%). For the Renault group, it is much less flourishing, with a 2.9% drop in registrations. For the sales ranking, it is the 208 (5.5% of sales) and the 308 (4.4%) which settle in first and second place, and which push the Clio back to 3rd position (4, 3%). Then we find in order the Renault Captur (3.6%), the Citroën C3 (3.3%), the Peugeot 2008, the Dacia Sandero (3%), the Citrôën C4 (2.4%) the Dacia Duster (2.1%) and for 10th place the Volkswagen Polo (2.1%) ... Note, diesel is still losing market share and only represents 51.6% of sales (against 59%) in January 2015). Source: CCFA press release - Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers
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