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22/3/2016 - Credit Consolidation: DGCCRF tip breaches
In its last report published on March 16, 2016, the DGCCRF reports the shortcomings noted on the communication of loan redemptions. The "errors" mainly relate to advertising, canvassing and the implementation of deceptive commercial practices ... The DGCCRF recalls that it is forbidden to present the repurchase of credit as a means of "regaining purchasing power" or as an operation that is too rewarding for the over-indebted. The total cost of the operation must also be clearly indicated and without forgetting the intermediation costs. The public establishment also recalls that the customer must have complete information prior to signing the contract, such as the FIPEN (European Standardized Pre-contractual Information Sheet). It is also always possible to withdraw and this must be clearly indicated to the customer requesting a credit consolidation. The DGCCRF has indicated that it will redouble its vigilance on these specific points and monitor developments in the sector. In order to redeem your consumer loans, do not hesitate to play the competition and demand (if this is not done) to receive the FIPEN file.
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10/3/2016 - Consumer credit on the rise
For the first time since 2010, the production of consumer credit started to rise sharply over last year. The French Association of Financial Companies was able to communicate the figures for the past year. The increase over 2015 is 5.9%, with a total amount financed of 36.5 billion euros. By studying more carefully the amounts of financing communicated we realize that the French borrowed at 34.37% through a personal loan (12.5 billion). Just behind, it is the revolving account which was chosen for 27.44% of the amounts (10 billion), followed by the financing of new cars to the tune of 18.9% (6.9 billion). Second-hand cars (8.25% for 3 billion), improvement of the habitat and household equipment (7.51% for 2.7 billion) and other goods or services (2.21% for 0.8 billion) bring up the rear ... Car credit and personal loans are therefore still on the rise!
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