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4/16/2016 - Paid in addition to free
Until now ING Direct offered a current account and its bank card free of charge. To benefit from it, the income must be transferred to the account for a minimum amount of 1,200 us dollars (and 2,000 us dollars for a joint account) every month. To attract new customers, ING direct will be offering a current account at US $ 5 per month from June 21, with a "Gold" bank card included but without any income in return. With this new offer, ING Direct aims to become the main bank for a greater number of customers in France.
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12/4/2016 - Compare bank rates
The Ministry of Finance and Public Accounts has released the site with a great deal of communication. Its objective is "to allow the consumer to compare free of charge the main costs invoiced by the different establishments". If the intention is laudable, the result is a nice and not very practical tool ... A first element to know is that in all cases it is always the same banks which are the least expensive (guess which ones ... ). The second thing is that to show the classification you have to select items that are useless ... For example, who will choose a bank based on the fact that it is less expensive on "the costs by transfer Occasional SEPA ”or“ subscription to a product offering alerts on the status of the account ”or even“ contribution to an insurance offer for loss or theft of means of payment ”? In fact, the real criteria for choosing a bank is what it costs to have an account, a Carte Bleue, a checkbook, make regular transfers ... And in this case the cheapest and free banks are always online banks… The choice is yours now!
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