Latest news - August 2016

3/8/2016 - Apple Pay, one more contactless!
Apple Pay is a contactless payment system with your phone. You put your smartphone on the merchant's payment terminal, you validate with your fingerprint and you go. Without being revolutionary or really new, this service is quite practical and secure (no card number in circulation and payment, no maximum amount, immediately validated by the imprint). Currently, only 3 banks offer Apple Pay: Caisses d'Epargne, Banques Populaires and Carrefour Banque. Are you wondering why the other banks are not there? If they do not want to join it is only for financial reasons since Apple Pay charges 5 cents to the bank per transaction, or half of the remuneration of the banking establishment (for an average purchase of 50 us dollars). To avoid sharing the profits, the big banks are studying other systems such as that of the GIE Cartes Bancaires in gestation for 2017 (?), Or Paylib which will launch a "contactless" offer in the coming months. But we must not forget that other non-banking solutions already exist, such as Orange Cash, reserved for Orange (or Sosh) or Boon customers, an application developed for owners of Android smartphones. In addition, another manufacturer, Samsung, will also offer its own payment method in France from 2017 ... Telephone manufacturers, telephone operators, application creators, banks, ... there are people to share the juicy contactless settlement market! And faced with this inflation of NFC payments it appears today that none of the online banks offers this service. Too bad for the customers!
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1/8/2016 - Cars sold in France
At the end of July, it is time to take stock of the best-selling cars in France, especially since the market has grown by 6.1% since the start of the year. The Clio IV is back in first place, with more than 60,000 vehicles sold. The Clio represents 5.6% of the market share. For the Peugeot 208, it is 54,000 registrations, which brings this model to 5.4% market share. 44,000 Peugeot 308 II have been sold since January. It is therefore for the 308 a share of 4% of the market. Renault's Captur made a good breakthrough and found itself in fourth position, with 3.8% market share and 41,000 vehicles sold. The Peugeot 2008 has 3.8% of EBITDA with 37,000 vehicles. In the next order we find: the Dacia Sandero (31,000 vehicles), the Citroën C3 which loses places (31,000 vehicles), then the C4 (24,000), the Twingo (22,000), the Polo (first foreign with 22,000 vehicles), the Kadjar which gradually rises (22,000), the Renault Mégane IV (21,000) ...
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