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12/26/2016 - Payment card ... on credit or not?
Every two years, the Echangeur (Personnal Finance) carries out a survey on the cards held by the French: loyalty, payment, cash, credit. This year, more than 10,000 people were interviewed. First observation: there are 185 million cards in France, of which 72% are loyalty only, and therefore 28% of payment cards issued by banks, credit institutions, stores ... Each French household therefore has average, 6.7 cards in his wallet. More surprisingly, one in two French people who have a payment card also has a credit option. That is to say, he can decide to pay for his purchases in several installments. We thought that this payment facility would be very strongly impacted by the Hamon laws which require customers to indicate every year that they want to keep their card. It is not, and it is even the service most popular with consumers! Even more surprising, even if the credit option is the best rated service (7.8 out of 10), the French are the Europeans who use it the least! Only 39% of the uses of these cards are made on credit. The French are therefore the most reasonable of Europeans in terms of controlling their debt.
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8/12/2016 - fever Thrust on banking
According to a study commissioned by Le Figaro, it appears that more than 50% of traditional banks will introduce new pricing for banking services in 2017. And the bad news is that this will not go down ... you doubted it! For example, account maintenance fees will almost double at the Banque Postale and go from 6.20 to 12 us dollars. What, it must be put into perspective in this case, is still the lowest contribution in a traditional bank! Overall, the increases in account maintenance fees will be 13%. The cost of a withdrawal from a competing bank will increase by 4.5%. It is for example 1 us dollar at BNP Paribas (from the 1st withdrawal). And even payment cards (such as Carte Bleue, MasterCard, etc.) will see their contribution increase by 3.35% on average. For example, the card with immediate withdrawal is, at HSBC, at 45 us dollars or at Banque Rhône-Alpes at 50 us dollars. To try not to suffer this increase, you can make an appointment with your account manager to try to negotiate a rebate ... To completely eliminate these fees you can simply change bank and go to an online bank. For example, at ING, Hello Bank, BforBank, Bridgepayday there are 0 us dollar account maintenance fees and the bank card is free ...
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