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30/1/2015 - Online banks that are successful
At the start of 2015, it's time to take a quick tour of online banking. With the arrival of new players like Hello Bank, one can wonder if the classification of “online” establishments has been upset… Bridgepayday (Crédit Mutuel Arkéa) announces 310,000 customers, Boursorama (Société Générale) has 600,000 customers while Hello bank (BNP Paribas) claims only 101,000 customers (in France) and BforBank (Crédit Agricole) has 55,000 customers but declared “top of the range” (?)… The only thing missing is the sector leader, even in France, ING Direct (ING) which claims 920,000 customers in France… Even during the crisis, online banks are making progress and the arrival of new players makes it possible to boost the sector instead of atomizing it!
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23/1/2015 - The automotive market in 2014
In 2014 there were + 0.3% registrations of private vehicles compared to 2013 ... according to the CCFA (Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers). It is therefore 1,795,913 vehicles that have been put into service. On the sales side, it is still the Clio IV which prances at the top of sales (5.9% market share) followed by the Peugeot 208 (4.7%) and by a new kid, the Renault Captur (62 985 units for 3.5% market share). On the Top 10 Renault places 4 vehicles, Peugeot 3, Citroën 2 and Dacia 1. The brands of the French groups are therefore rather in a good position to start the year 2015 ...
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21/1/2015 - planned increase of bank charges
According to the consumer association, CLCV the rates applied by banks will increase further in 2015. This increase is all the more penalizing as inflation is virtually non-existent in France. Out of 140 banking establishments studied, traditional banks are always more expensive than those said to be online. On average, the CLCV found that for a small consumer the average annual cost of their bank was US $ 66.32, compared to US $ 147.19 for the average consumer. Heavy consumers spend an average of US $ 209.84. The gap is widening more and more between online banks and traditional banks knowing that, again according to this study, account maintenance fees are becoming general, and it is 104 banks that will invoice them from February 2015. Also note that some traditional banks still charge the subscription to the service on the Internet !!! To avoid getting squeezed like a lemon, it's simple: just transfer your accounts to an online bank. Most are completely free when you domiciled your income there (from 750 us dollars per month), some do not even require you to. So why deny it ?!
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