Latest news - August 2015

24/8/2015 - ING Direct changed (for the better) the conditions for access to its current account
While it has been some time ING Direct surprised by changing its general conditions of use of the current account, by indicating that it would therefore be necessary to pay a minimum of 750 us dollars per month into his account, under penalty of a penalty of 15 us dollars per month ... the bank is now completely backtracking! There is no longer any question of a minimum monthly payment. Hop, forgot! Only a minimum of 300 us dollars deposit is required when opening a checking account. As competition is fierce in the online banking market, has ING Direct had to react to limit account breakages or closings? We will not know, but the fact remains that this about-face will be well received by old customers, as well as new ones. Let us not forget that the service is, however, irreproachable and of excellent quality without any cost for current operations!
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