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12/29/2015 - Bank account charges, AFUB calls for disobedience ...
On January 1, 2016, some banks announced the introduction of account maintenance fees. If you are a Société Générale and BNP Paribas client, the AFUB (Association Française des Users des Banques) advises you to reject this price change outright. Remember that the fees will be (in addition to current bank fees and contributions) 24 us dollars (SG) and 30 us dollars (BNP). AFUB advises to send a letter directly to your banker based on the example below: Hello, Learning of the establishment by your institution of account maintenance fees from January 1, I inform you of my refusal of this new pricing. This request is made in application of the prescriptions of the Monetary and Financial Code in its article L312-1-1 II as well as on the recommendation of AFUB. With greetings, Signature Last straight line, the mail must be sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt before 01/01/16. Otherwise to avoid fees and not pay your credit card ... there are online banks!
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12/14/2015 - New cars too expensive?
The average amount to own a vehicle in France was 22,100 us dollars (2014), all models combined. Compared to the budget of the French, it seems that the purchase of a new car is reserved for people of a "certain age", with substantial incomes ... And according to the NCBS study (New Car Buyer Survey), the average age of a new car buyer is 55.3! Still according to the same study, more than 26% of buyers are over 66 ... The study allows us to see the average age of buyers by brand, and here too, there are surprises. If SEAT is ultimately a very young brand, with buyers "only" 43 years old, VOLKSWAGEN is aimed at fifties, followed by AUDI (51 years old on average), like BMW (52 years old), but beaten by RENAULT or TOYOTA (56 years old). ), PEUGEOT (58 years old). CITROEN brings up the rear with an average age of ... 60 years! In short, buying a new car will soon be a luxury reserved for retired seniors ...
New Auto Credit 18,000 us dollars
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