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19/1/2014 - Are bank charges falling?
In a study published by Le Parisien, it is indicated that bank charges will be "a little less heavy". The article also indicates that the decrease will be 1.91% over 2014. In fact, if we look at the figures, it is mainly the commissions which fall and it is not because of the banks, it is the new law that applies! The amount collected by banks on intervention costs (operations outside the authorized overdraft) is now capped at 80 us dollars per month. It is therefore the less "virtuous" customers who will see a drop in costs over the year. In return, the banks will increase account maintenance fees which are taken from all customers ... So, if we do the math, we realize that the drop will especially benefit people who regularly exceed their bank overdraft. ... Moreover, the first item of household expenditure linked to the bank account remains the bank card. On average, it is billed at 61.65 us dollars per year, but this hides great disparities between the banks ... At ING Direct, Boursorama and Fortunéo, the Premier card is free while it is payable at BNP Paribas (132 us dollars), Société Générale (134 us dollars) and the LCL (132 us dollars)! To lower your banking fees, there is only one solution: switch to online banking. In most cases the fees will be equal to ... zero!
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15/1/2014 - Let's go for work on Sunday!
The decree authorizing the opening of DIY stores in France was passed on December 31. The Castorama, Leroy-Merlin, Briconautes, Bricomarché will therefore be able to open their store to satisfy Sunday DIYers. Small improvements or big jobs, the French will be able to finally, without obligation of exemption, to satisfy their desires of work, when they want ... that is to say the weekends! Please note, in July 2015, the government will legislate to confirm, cancel or modify this decree. To finance this work, it is more profitable to finance the work in a single credit institution. Then, nothing prevents going to buy its materials in several stores. All credit companies provide for this kind of financing. This does not prevent you from comparing the work credit rates which are currently moving between 4.80% and 8.80%.
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7/1/2014 - New cars in France, they restart?
2013, a year of contrasts but heralding a certain recovery in the new vehicle market. Globally, new car sales fell 5.7% in 2013, but the last few months are better than in 2012. In December, sales even rose 9.4%! It had been a long time since this had been seen! In detail, in 2013, the Renault group grew by + 0.8%, but above all thanks to Dacia + 11.2%. The PSA group is down 7.7%. It is moreover rather a generalized decline on all the brands: the Volkswagen group is down by 8.1%, Nissan by 9.9% ... Results: the two French groups go up to 53.41% market share. Still at the top of sales in 2013, the Renault Clio was followed by the Peugeot 208 and the Citroën C3.
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