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30/1/2013 - 2013, online banks always and even cheaper!
The association UFC Que-choise has just published its new comparison of banks focused on the costs of services rendered to consumers. To adapt your comparison to the real needs of consumers, you must choose your profile (Senior, Active or Young). You then determine your consumption of banking services. You get a comparison of the 10 cheapest banks ... In principle, everything is well done and we were able to test several profiles. The only element that stands out, whatever your profile, your age, your region, is that online banks monopolize the first places and are always much cheaper than traditional banks. Bridgepayday, Boursorama Banque, Monabanq and ING Direct are invariably in the peloton. This is most often due to the absence of compulsory packages and especially to the fact that bank cards are most often free (Bridgepayday, Boursorama Banque, etc.). For UFC-Que Choose the savings over the year can range from 105 us dollars for a youngster to 421 us dollars for a senior. Now if you want to keep paying fees and your bank card ... you can't say you didn't know!
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1/15/2013 - Consumer credit… a small start to recovery?
According to the French Association of Financial Companies (ASF), loan production increased by 0.8% in November 2012 compared to 2011. But this increase hides disparities depending on the purpose of the loan. Household capital goods have posted the best growth with + 8.6% over the last twelve months. The French therefore buy household appliances, televisions, computers and furniture… Personal loans, the production of which was erratic throughout the year, nevertheless increased by + 2% in November 2012 by compared to the same month in 2011. Loans for new cars are still at half mast with a drop of - 10.3% in November, while used vehicles posted a + 3.7% over the same period. Let's hope that the new models from Peugeot or Renault can reverse the trend in 2013! For renewable credits (cash reserve), production is almost stable with a tiny drop of 0.3%.
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3/1/2013 - New cars: in 2012 the decline was 14%!
The results of 2012 for the automotive market are gloomy to say the least: it “only” sold 1.9 million vehicles. That is to say, the same number as in 1997… This overall drop in sales of 14% unfortunately affects French manufacturers more than foreigners. If Renault loses 22%, PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) retreats by 17%. Foreign manufacturers are a little less affected since the drop is only 6.7% ... To explain this drop, which we find a little less strong in the rest of Europe, there is of course the crisis economic. But French peculiarities are reinforced: the French keep their car on average eight years and above all the car is less and less a symbol of social success. We keep our car as long as possible. And above all, and this is the worst, we drive less and less! In 10 years the French have gone from 20,000 annual kilometers to only 12,000. To be reassured, we can say to ourselves that a car is not eternal and that one day it must still be changed! Long live 2013 ...
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1/1/2013 - A credit for health expenses?
With the delisting of Social Security, the stagnation of salaries, it seems more and more difficult to regulate health expenses. The French, with a budget at half mast, opt for a radical solution: postpone or simply cancel health spending. Thus the glasses are not changed, the teeth not treated, the minor operations not carried out ... It is estimated that more than 20% of the French population do not take care of themselves completely for financial reasons. This situation continues and many credit institutions have understood the need and offer credit financing solutions for all medical care needs. The latest, the Crédit Municipal de Paris, offers from January 2, 2013 a credit of 3000 us dollars maximum to pay health expenses. To pay your dental expenses, change your glasses, perform surgery, compare credit offers.
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