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28/5/2013 - Sofinco Finaref becomes, 1 July 2013
The Finaref company will change its name and join Sofinco. These two companies are both part of the CA Consumer Finance group. It is therefore natural that we are witnessing a consolidation of brands. This will not change the credit contracts already in progress at Finaref, customers can still consult the site For the past few years, we have witnessed a real regrouping of credit companies, but also impacting strategic choices: disponis reserves its site for its former clients ... and no longer accepts new clients! Oney, Franfinance and Médiatis no longer advertise on the Internet and have become almost invisible. This market restriction, due in large part to the crisis, is not in line with the diversity of the offer. Consumers therefore see their possibilities of choice reduced ...
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13/5/2013 - Consumer credit, an 8 th quarter of decline in production
The ASF (Association Française des Sociétés Financières) has just published the activity figures in March 2013. This is the eighth consecutive quarter of decline in production. In March 2013, new consumer loans granted fell further by 5.1% compared to March 2012 (which was already a bad month with a decline of 14% compared to year-1). It is car loans that suffer the most, with a very sharp drop of 13.1% compared to the same month in 2012. Revolving loans and financing of household equipment goods (HI-FI, IT, furniture. ..) also fell by 6.8% in one year. Only personal loans saw their production increase, but only 0.6% compared to March last year. It must be said that this type of loan includes credit redemptions which are, in times of crisis, in great demand!
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