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19/6/2013 - ING Direct changed its pricing
The ING Direct online bank announces a change in its pricing, taking effect on August 27, 2013. This affects few services. While some amounts increase, others decrease (Banque de France declaration fees for improper use of the bank card, charges for capturing the bank card for improper use, Euronext brokerage fees), or even become free (wrongly disputing 'a purchase by credit card, the dispute of authorized and debited direct debit, an unpaid income check, a pre-litigation letter, or even the passage in recovery). But the most important modification remains the introduction of a penalty of 15 us dollars per quarter for the monthly non-payment of a minimum of 750 us dollars per month on the ING current account. Previously, this was not penalized. Times are changing! ... But ING Direct pricing and services are very attractive and competitive, so it keeps its favorite place among current online banking offers.
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16/6/2013 - Changing banks without changing account number?
A PS deputy tabled an amendment to "facilitate" the change of bank for an individual. Under the guise of Freedom and lower costs, isn't this proposed system modification pernicious? This deputy (Mr Laurent Grandguillaume) proposes to assign a unique bank number to each individual. This identifier would thus allow a transfer from one bank to another without formality. So it's also a new computer file, for more freedom? The question will arise of people having several bank accounts but only one identifier. How will the Banque de France handle this type of case? We go straight into the IT mess ... The costs saved are estimated at 160 us dollars ... and there we wonder where these figures come from? It just seems out of proportion for a simple account closure. As for the formalities for transferring operations from one account to another, the deputy was misinformed because most banks have been offering this kind of service for several years now, free of charge. Is the unique bank account number still a fake real good idea for all of us to do?
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6/6/2013 - Beware of offers announcing a very low rate ...
We are seeing more and more car credit offers announcing very low rates ... These offers are unfortunately not accessible to the consumer because the credit must be repaid over 12 months! Small tour of impossible offers ... MAIF, for example, announces an APR of 2.95%, but only over 12 months. For a more logical repayment over 60 months the APR goes up to 5.44% and you are obliged to immediately subscribe shares representing 2% of the loan amount ... Financo announces a credit at 2.92% for the purchase of a car ... but unfortunately this superb rate is only valid for 12 months! For 15,000 us dollars over 60 months it is 5.91% that you have to pay ... At Carrefour Banque the super promo rate is valid on loans from 10,000 to 15,000 us dollars repaid in 12 months ... but for one car from 15,000 us dollars the rate goes to 5.8% ... It is therefore imperative and necessary to make several simulations to choose the right credit with the best rate.
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