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8/30/2013 - Fewer and fewer bank branches
In 2012, France closed 79 bank branches. It is above all the search for profitability of the banks which has forced the banks to these closures. For several years now, fewer and fewer French people have physically visited their bank. In 2007, 62% of French people went to the bank several times a month. In 2010 they were only 52% ... then 21% last year and 17% this year. The causes are simple: an increasing number of transactions can be done for free and quickly online. The account manager who was previously the guarantor of the banking relationship is now subsidiary. It must be said that it is now almost impossible to keep the same manager for more than 2 years (especially in large cities). In addition, online banks are pushing for market share and attracting new customers from those who are disappointed with the traditional banking relationship. Online banks rely on free services, extended opening hours… and the autonomy of their customers to carry out simple transactions! (Source IFOP - FBF)
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8/27/2013 - An inexpensive 2013 return to school ...
For several years now, we have been used to observing an increase in costs linked to the start of the school year. For example, in 2012, we had an increase of more than 6%. This year, whether the figures come from the government or consumer associations, the increase is lower than inflation, between -4.08% and + 0.6%. This is therefore very good news for low-income families who will also benefit from an increase in the Re-entry Allowance (ARS). Of course, the cost of the start of the school year is always high, because in addition to purely school fees, it is often necessary to review clothing and sports equipment ... And let's not forget the subscriptions to sports clubs and insurance to complete the picture. Even with an inexpensive start to the 2013 school year, it may be necessary to find funding, even for a short period, to amortize all the expenses at the start of the school year. In order to choose the best credit for the start of the school year, consult our credit comparisons.
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1/8/2013 - Leave or stay?
According to the IPSOS-Europ Assistance barometer, only 62% of French people plan to go on vacation this summer. It is still 8% less than last year. As a result of the crisis, the vacation budget is not untouchable, and if restrictions have to be made, the French are taking drastic measures. In addition, you should know that of these 62% of holidaymakers, not all of them go to rent or to a hotel. Most of them take their vacations with family or friends. In order to restore morale, we can compare ourselves to other Europeans and see that, in the end, we are not the last. Indeed, the Italians will be only 53% from, the Spaniards 42%, the Germans 52% and the English 56% ... More astonishing, if fewer French people leave, they will on the other hand spend more: that is to say 2140 us dollars against 2112 us dollars in 2012! In any case, if you plan to take out a loan to finance your vacation, do not exceed the 18 months of repayment ... and prefer the durations of one year ... That way, next year, you can leave !
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