Latest news - November 2013

11/22/2013 - New or used car?
The second-hand market is doing well ... compared to the new vehicle market! In the first 9 months of 2013, 1,309,813 new cars were registered, compared to 4,043,924 used cars. Compared to the same period in 2012, the second-hand market fell by 1.1% while the new vehicle fell by 8.5%. The only good news concerning new car registrations is that it is still the French groups that are in the majority, with 53.5% of the market. Regarding car loans, the rates are rather on the rise, whether for new or second-hand ... One more reason to compare the cost of credit! See our comparison tables.
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11/13/2013 - Buy a car
We don't buy our car like we used to! According to a study carried out by Google, our behavior has changed significantly since the arrival of the web. Buying is faster, for example, with only 1.9 months between deciding to buy and writing a check (compared to 2.9 months in 2011). The choice of a new or used vehicle is more vague. For example, 19% of new vehicle buyers originally planned to buy a used vehicle. And, conversely, 26% of buyers of a used car first went to a new car. It must be said that consumers are spending more and more time on Internet sites to compare models, cost of use, cost of credits ... According to Nathalie Nègre (Google) “90% of buyers have an idea of the brand and / or model they are going to buy and 23% are sure of their choice ”. Which still leaves 77% of buyers who can change their mind!
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