Latest news - February 2012

2/28/2012 - Jewelery bank cards?
The Caisse d'Epargne is launching a limited series of collector bank cards (?) Which will be adorned with "Swarovski Elements" crystals. This card is intended for women (the opposite would have been surprising…). Each card will be accompanied by a pendant from the same brand. Obviously this is not the crisis for everyone… The banks tend to keep a low profile at the moment, but this is not the case at the Caisse d'Epargne! It is all the same a little surprising to publish a "jewel" card at the very moment when a part of the population struggles to keep its job and to make ends meet… What is more when one is called "Caisse d 'Saving" ! Moreover, having no valid argument to sell these cards, the press release indicates: - Two elegant card visuals will be offered: for Visa Blue Cards, a crystal display on a midnight blue background and for Visa Premier Cards, a visual of crystals on a gold background… (no comments…) - Released in a limited edition, they will be distinguished by aesthetic innovations such as the silver or red magnetic tracks, or the selective varnish affixed so as to better bring out the crystals… (waooooo!) Launched on March 8 for Women's Day, there is no doubt that the representatives of women will rush to obtain one of the 6500 limited edition cards… Poor world as they said… we do not know who!
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24/2/2012 - DGCCRF: what consumers complain?
In the everyday life of a consumer, it happens to find oneself in a situation of dissatisfaction with a commercial company. Anyone can make a complaint to the DGCCRF by calling 3939 (cost of a local call). In 2011, the DGCCRF received and recorded more than 90,000 complaints against 90,000 in 2010. Four activity sectors alone account for more than 70% of complaints: non-food trade (25%) tourism, products food and real estate (29%), communications and telephony (19%) and finally home work and repairs (16%). In addition, the DGCCRF has also conducted surveys on various subjects such as the advertising of consumer loans, false consumer reviews, online financial brokerage (trading) and the practices of telephone operators ... follow and resemble each other: it is the service sector that is always at the top of consumer complaints. Banks, telephone and internet operators are companies that only sell service ... and it is precisely the same ones that have the most complaints ...
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2/23/2012 - 33,703 complaints from bank customers
When you have a dispute with your bank, you can contact the mediator in order to find an arrangement ... The deadlines are not quick and above all it does not stop the procedures in progress ... but it is always a pleasure to be Express ! In its latest report, the Banque de France indicates that the mediators received 33,703 complaints from clients about their bank. This figure is down slightly compared to the previous year (-0.5%). What to remember: - 94.9% of complaints are made directly by consumers. The rest come from consumer associations, lawyers, credit institutions. - 44% of requests are simply redirected, a large majority of which go to banks, 31% are the subject of an opinion from the mediator who takes a position, and 25% are outright rejected because they are outside his area of ​​competence. . Reasons for complaints: Little change in the reasons that lead consumers to approach the mediator: - 25% concern the operation of the account (overdraft, rejection of checks, direct debit authorization, etc.) - 20% the means of payment such as bank card or check - 15% credit transactions - 11% pricing and 7% financial investments. The French are still as dissatisfied with the services provided by the banks and mainly with all those who pay or generate fees. Not very surprising in times of crisis. It should be noted that these statistics, published on February 22, 2012, relate to complaints made in 2010 ... The processing speed of the Banque de France is impressive!
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2/22/2012 - How to get rid of a permanent account?
Gear, trap, spiral of over-indebtedness ... strong words are often used to define the permanent (or revolving) account. What is really annoying is rather the fact of having several permanent accounts ... To stop a permanent account there are 3 methods depending on your situation. If your budget does not allow you to splurge, you just have to write to your bank to request that the permanent account be transformed into classic credit. That is, you lose the possibility of taking back money and simply end up paying it back. Suddenly, no more temptation, and at the end of the reimbursement you are freed from any constraint. If you have several permanent accounts you can request a repurchase of consumer credit in a financial institution. A single loan will be set up, with a single monthly payment, and without the possibility of taking back money. A word of advice: avoid excessively long credit periods, 24 or 36 months are enough ... Last solution, make yourself a personal loan to repay all your permanent accounts, and send the balance checks to all establishments. Don't forget to include a request for an account balance with your check so that you don't be tempted.
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21/2/2012 - Fraud on Credit Card
The UFC-Que Choisir is making proposals to curb the increase in fraud with bank cards on the internet. The consumer defense association first establishes a balance sheet and indicates that if the Internet represents 5% of transactions, it is also responsible for 33% of fraud in France! The difference shows that indeed purchases by credit card are not sufficiently protected. For the UFC-Que To Choose the majority of frauds are carried out following a theft of data on an e-merchant which was not sufficiently secure. The UFC accuses French banks of not moving forward together in the face of this scourge and of developing each in its own corner protection systems that are incompatible with each other. The websites of traders are also targeted by the association for the lack of measures to stop fraudsters. The UFC-Que Choisir proposes several measures to reduce fraud, such as the systematic sending by banks of payment confirmations on the Internet by SMS or email, or the compulsory adoption, at the French level, of a system of payment. single sign-on, in consultation with bankers, merchants and consumers.
17/2/2012 - Boursorama bank ... it works!
The online bank Boursorama Banque continues its development in France and announces its figures for 2011 ... The business model of free banking is therefore viable and even productive! With an average of 60,000 current accounts opened every year, Boursorama Banque reached, at the end of 2011, a total number of 480,000 customers ... On the deposit side, growth was 18%, to 636 million euros, and on savings accounts collection is also up 37% to 1.7 billion. Only negative point, deposits on securities accounts are down 7% which corresponds to 703 million. This last point is to be compared with the Stock Exchange, which is suffering the full brunt of the consequences of the crisis ... With a free bank card (VISA), non-existent fees on the majority of current transactions, Boursorama Banque shows that online banking can both be attractive to its customers and earn money!
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2/16/2012 - Your car loan over 48 or 60 months?
When you take out a car loan, there comes a time when the question of the duration of the credit ... and the amount of the monthly payment arises. The two are of course linked and the impact on the cost of credit is not negligible. That's it, have you decided on the model of the car? Do you have a contribution? Are you looking for a loan? This will be a well-equipped Clio which, with the trade-in of your old vehicle and a small discount comes to you at US $ 18,000. Now all that remains is to find the financing ... You have compared the different credit offers and you still hesitate on the duration ... Let's compare the total cost of a loan of 18,000 us dollars over two different durations . Over 48 months your Clio will cost you 2192.16 us dollars with monthly payments of 420.67 us dollars, at the APR of 5.90%. Over 60 months, the same credit will amount to 353.79 us dollars per month, for a total cost of 3227.40 us dollars (with an APR at 6.9%)! The difference is 1034.80, almost 50% more for having extended the duration of 12 months. Of course your monthly payments over 60 months are lighter, but this drop of 66.88 us dollars per month still costs you 1000 us dollars more in total! Conclusion, if your budget allows it, always take the shortest repayment terms. It will cost you less ...
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2/15/2012 - For 2012, new model releases
As much to say it right away it is not the revolution among car manufacturers in 2012. Lots of makeover and few real novelties. On the French side, if Peugeot relies heavily on the 208 to boost sales and replace the 207, Renault is relying heavily on the new Clio 3 which will not be released until September ... The Renault Zoe will be the spearhead of the brand as the first model of consumer electric vehicle. At Citroën things are also moving with the C4 Aircross planned for the summer, and the restyled C3 Picassos available in the spring. The beautiful foreigners also offer new models, often only restyled. At BMW we expect the 1 Series GT in the fall and the new M6 in the spring. Seat will offer us, perhaps, the Leon 3 which should restore the image of the brand which has been somewhat forgotten lately. At Nissan, the Pathfinder Concept, a family crossover, is scheduled for fall. For Opel, it is the compact Mokka SUV that will allow the brand to invest in the crossover niche and join the Qashqai, Tiguan and other 3008. It is therefore the SUV market that will be the most active in 2012, market on which Renault is rather well placed, at the top of the list with its Duster ...
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10/2/2012 - Morale French: it's going more and more bad ...
The Nielsen Institute of Studies has delivered its latest study on French morale. The least we can say is that France is not distinguished by its optimism! This study has been carried out every quarter since 2005. According to this study, the French confidence index is only 55%, which places our country at the bottom of the ranking, along with Ireland, the Czech Republic, Italy and Greece ... At the top of the rankings Norway, Switzerland, Australia form the top three, with respective confidence indices of 98, 92 and 90% ... For the majority of the 56 countries surveyed, the main concern is the economy, while for the French it is job security that dominates. For 89% of the French our country is in recession while in Europe the average is 74%. Regarding consumption, our compatriots are 70% to indicate that they have reduced their purchases compared to last year: this is what we can observe on car purchases but also on real estate purchases ...
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9/2/2012 - The purchase of consumer credit, live
When you have several consumer loans, you have to manage your bank account with multiple withdrawals. Often the consumer has not paid attention to his budget ... and some have several revolving credits whose cumulative monthly payments strongly impact their budget. In this case, and before the end of the month is too difficult, it may be useful to request a repurchase of credits. The advantages are multiple: a single monthly payment lower than the total of the current repayments, a lower average rate, a controlled repayment period that must be thought as short as possible. Cofinoga offers direct loan repurchases for tenants or owners for an amount up to 80,000 us dollars. All your consumer loans can be bought back: car, work, revolving. The credit term can be up to 144 months, but it is advisable to avoid repayments for too long a period. The larger your monthly repayment, the less agios you pay and therefore the total cost drops ... With the simulation on the Cofinoga site, you can directly know the amount of monthly payments, the duration and the rate. Unlike many companies, such as brokers, you don't have to provide your contact details to do a simple simulation. It's straightforward and you are sure not to see your inbox overloaded with junk mail!
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8/2/2012 - Car, save on all positions
Decrease in purchasing power and ecology, it is necessary to know how to save on the automobile position: on purchase, on financing and on driving. To negotiate the purchase of a new vehicle, do not hesitate to ask several dealers or agents of the same brand. Indeed, a dealer may have an immediate need to sell a vehicle, he will be more inclined to give you a discount than the one who made his quotas ... For credit, the same fight, you have to compare the credits of several establishments . For example: a simple rate difference of 1.2% can save you hundreds of euros ... For 15,000 us dollars over 60 months, at the APR of 6.70% the total cost of credit is of 2605 us dollars whereas it will be 3105 us dollars with an APR of 7.9% ... that is to say 500 us dollars of savings! The easiest way to reduce the cost of using your vehicle is to consume less. And there it depends only on you: a smoother ride, less rapid acceleration and braking, faster gears, use the engine brake, properly inflate your tires ... And of course, for one less trip. kilometer, don't take the car: it's good for your heart, good for the planet and good for the wallet ...
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7/2/2012 - rate home loans rather a good trend
Contrary to expectations, the loss of triple A did not have a negative effect on real estate rates in France. We could even speak of a drop in certain cases. As a primary effect of the loss of triple A by rating agencies, it was obvious that French banks were going to borrow on the markets at a higher rate. As a result they were going to pass this increase on to the mortgage loans they distribute ... All wrong! The first surveys on real estate rates in February indicate that there is no increase and rather a decrease in almost 5 out of 10 cases. By comparing the different sources (banks and comparators) we can make the following averages , in mortgage at fixed rate and excluding insurance: - over 15 years 3.95% - over 20 years 4.25% - over 25 years 4.45% Overall, there is therefore a small drop in rates. For example, Boursorama Banque still offers a fixed TEG of 3.85% over 14 years, including insurance ...
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3/2/2012 - The French reduce their lifestyle
Faced with the risk of unemployment and the stagnation of wages, French households, unlike our governments, are reducing several expenditure items in their budgets. It is a healthy and realistic attitude. (Paydaynow Observatory Study 2012). The French primarily reduce spending on clothing for 39% of them, followed closely by leisure and travel (- 37%). So no more branded clothes (Gucci, Armani and others ...) and goodbye expensive trips to distant islands ... We focus on the useful and essential! Food is also affected because 27% of French people say they have lowered their monthly budget for shopping. They look more at the prices, compare the offers. The field of energy and gasoline come in fourth position of the budget items in decline. Here to lower the bills, it's simple, you have to lower your consumption and therefore drive less or lower the heating. Appliances, Hifi, flat screens are no longer popular either and only what is really worn or broken is replaced. Suddenly there is a lower demand on consumer loans and a drop in the average amount of loans. For example, the French, like other Europeans, are more interested in small cars (which consume less) than in large sedans and 4x4s which are expensive to purchase and are ruinous in terms of gasoline consumption ... loans to finance a new car are on average US $ 12,000, down.
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