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27/6/2012 - In May 2012 decreasing credits
The French Association of Financial Companies (ASF) has just published its monthly study on the production of new loans in May 2012. The drop in activity is further accentuated in May with -9.4% of new loans ... Remember that the ASF compiles information from all member banks and financial institutions. It is therefore a complete view of the production of credits in France. The figures are not good ... and we are witnessing a sharp drop in activity since the production of new loans is down 9.4% compared to last year, and -9.9% on last three months. In detail, it is the new car loans that get the "palm" for the drop with -11.6% compared to May 2011. They are closely followed by renewable loans at -10.9%, and personal loans at -10.4%. Note, a sign of a time of crisis, used car loans suffered a smaller loss since they ended at only -0.8%. At the same time, the rate of consumer loans is rather stable and low. It is therefore the right time to take out a loan!
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6/11/2012 - The "prestige" of the car at half mast
According to the annual study carried out by and Ifop, the French, if they do not plan to part with their car, give it less and less prestige ... The car is no longer a marker social. For more than 54% of our fellow citizens, the car is a convenience, a tool for getting around and this percentage has increased by 7% compared to 2010. Conversely, only 27% of the population think of their car as a dream, proof of social advancement ... And there, it is young people under 25 (38%) and workers / employees (37%) who are the most "dreamers". The notion of the pleasure car is on the downswing, which must also be a consequence of the crisis. For the financing of the car it is the credit which obtains the best score (89%), at the expense of the rental (11%). Even if the "beautiful object" car is less and less attractive, the French still prefer to own it ...
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6/6/2012 - Comparison of bank charges
The UFC- Que Choisir has just published a comparison of banking tariffs on its website. Until June 12 the comparator is free. In all, it is the rates of more than 120 banks throughout France that have been scrutinized, the first study carried out so comprehensive on the subject. The module allows you to choose a profile (Senior, Active, young person from 16 to 25 years old), a place of residence, a more or less important banking activity ... According to these criteria the module ranks the 10 least banks dear for your personal case. Unsurprisingly, in the majority of cases online banks offer the cheapest rates. And in this top trio we find Boursorama Banque, Fortunéo and ING Direct ... This is normal since these are the only banks that offer a free credit card ... and not just the first year.
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4/6/2012 - Each French person has 2323 us dollars in outstanding loans ...
A study published by Crédit Agricole Consummer Finance shows that the French are average in terms of outstanding consumer credit. The average outstanding amount of the French is 2323 us dollars while the European average is 2125 us dollars. Above the French, the United Kingdom won the timpani with an average outstanding amount of 3815 us dollars, followed by Ireland (3664 us dollars) and Denmark (3043 us dollars). Even the Germans, whom everyone shows as models, are more in debt than the French, with an outstanding amount of US $ 2,778. If we compare the outstanding loans against household consumption, France is strongly behind with a ratio of only 13.1%, while the English are at more than 21%, the Irish at 20% and the Germans. at 15.5% ... France, where over-indebtedness is the most watched, with the most protective laws, is therefore not one of the most indebted countries ... understand who can!
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3/6/2012 - - 5.7% on consumer credit ...
The ASF (Association Française des Sociétés Financières) has just published its monthly study on the production of new consumer loans. It presents the figures for the month of April 2012. Between April 2011 and April 2012 the overall production of new consumer loans fell by 5.7%. This drop particularly affects certain sectors such as the automobile sector: car loans were particularly affected with a drop of 9.1%! Revolving credit fell by 8.9% and personal loans by 5.6%. Note, the only sector that is not falling: loans for household equipment (High-tech, furniture, furnishings, household appliances ...). This sector is even up 5.6% compared to April 2011. If the production of new loans is at half mast, it should still be noted that loan rates are unfortunately on the rise ... (Consult our comparisons)
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2/6/2012 - Paying withdrawals at the Banque Postale?
In a press release, the Banque Postale told its customers that withdrawals from competitor's ATMs will become chargeable from September 2012 ... A real revolution for this venerable house which often emerges in the leading pack of the cheapest establishments . Consumer associations (AFUB, CLCV) do not understand this change in pricing, even denouncing the iniquitous aspect of this increase. "Overnight, we apply this pricing against which consumers have no protection. Indeed, competition is ineffective with other banks which are between 80 cents and 1 us dollar ...", says the Afub. Without wanting to defend the Banque Postale, we must still keep a cool head, and really look at the conditions of this price increase. La Banque Postale will invoice 65 euro cents from the sixth withdrawal from a competing establishment ... So that makes 5 free withdrawals, or a little more than one per week. So potentially a Banque Postale customer who would make 10 withdrawals a month would have to pay 2.60 us dollars. Are we tempted to say all this noise about it? And if this amount is really "monumental", nothing prevents consumers from going to open an account in an online bank: at Boursorama Banque, the credit card and withdrawals are free ...
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