Latest news - July 2012

7/26/2012 - Car credit ... it's getting better!
In its latest issue, the ASF (Association des Sociétés Financières) reports on loan production in June 2012. If personal loans and revolving loans are down by -3.3% and -6.7% respectively , car loans are picking up again ... While the government has just announced various measures to revive the automobile sector, car loans, which have been declining steadily for over a year, seem to be straightening out. New car credit financing increased by + 12.7% in June 2012 compared to the same period in 2011. For used cars, loans also increased by + 8.6% in June. In LOA, the automobile sector also grew by 5%. On the whole of the financing, one can also note the progression of the credits allocated to the improvement of the habitat and the equipment of the household. Are we witnessing the beginnings of a recovery?
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14/7/2012 - Home Loans ... still down!
Mortgage rates are not rising again as we thought, but are actually falling. Boursorama Banque even offers a rate of 3.46% over 14 years, without administration fees and without compensation in the event of early repayment! On the other hand, real estate prices are stagnant and the number of transactions is at half mast. According to the Banque de France, in May 2012 there were only 6.2 billion real estate loans granted in France. It is half less than in May 2011. A small ray of hope, however: it seems that the figures for June are better. With real estate prices still very high and historically low rates, it appears that the French cannot embark on a real estate purchase. It is especially young households with average incomes who cannot find real estate corresponding to their budget. Find out more:
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7/10/2012 - New car sales: stagnation?
The Committee of French Manufacturers of Automobiles (CCFA) has just communicated the figures for car sales in June 2012 on the French market. The decrease is measured since registrations are down only 0.9% compared to last year. This quasi-stagnation in fact hides great differences between manufacturers. In France, the PSA group fell by 9.5% (-6.9% for Citroën and -11.8% for Peugeot) while the Renault group increased by 9.03% (+ 4.7% for Renault and +41 % for Dacia). In total, for the French groups the decrease is -2.2%. On the foreign side, the Volkswagen group posted a + 3.3% while Ford plunged to -18.8%. Also negative, Mercedes (-11.3%), BMW (-3.2%). But some brands continue to progress on the French market such as Nissan at + 25.8%, Toyota + 27.2% and the miraculous Hyundai which is growing by more than 50% ... In short, the French automobile market is rather gloomy but it seems that the minimum floor has been reached. When will you resume?
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4/7/2012 - French people and money - TNS Sofres ING Direct study
ING Direct bank commissioned a study entitled "The French and the Money". This study, published on July 3, 2012, presents the responses of 2025 French people questioned on their relationship with money, finances, banks, savings ... Regarding projects: It is the house or apartment that French projects stand out first. Beautifying and renovating our interior is the main focus of interest for more than 60% of us, doing renovation work for 34%, buying a main residence only interests 17% of the population ... The car is coming. then with 43% of respondents who would like to buy one or renew it. Regarding the bank: Relations with bankers are a little weak: only 1 in 5 French people consider their bank as a partner or a solution. For 38% it is a necessary step ... and for 35% the bank has nothing to do with the projects. As always 87% of bank customers demand more transparency on prices.
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