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8/31/2012 - Leisure is expensive ...
According to the study published by Sofinco, the Sofinscope, devoted to home entertainment, the French spend an average of US $ 625 per year for their leisure activities (excluding the vacation budget). This figure hides of course disparities since for 17% of households the annual amount reaches more than 1500 us dollars while for 19% it is less than 200 us dollars ... For these leisure activities we notice that the activities "at home "are in the majority since 80% are devoted to surfing the Internet and 66% to watch television. We also go out a bit since 51% see friends and 46% go out to museums, go to the cinema, to the theater ... Note, the annual cost also includes the purchase of supplies or materials necessary to practice his leisure activities as a computer, a TV set ... To finance your equipment with a personal loan:
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8/29/2012 - Back to school will be hot… for the budget!
Despite the drop in the price of gasoline announced by the government, households with children of school age will have to bear an increase in the prices of back-to-school items: school bags, notebooks, clothes ... For the start of the 2012 school year, the Confederation Families Union has calculated that the overall increase will be 6.88% compared to last year. The organization cites as an example the cost of back to school for a child entering 6th grade, which it estimates at 348.05 us dollars! Expensive gasoline, expensive re-entry, EDF tariff increase of 2% (since August 1), the French will have to tighten their belts and check how to lower the bills. To take out a loan, you must of course compare the offers and the total cost. For a back-to-school credit, depending on the amount, consult our comparative tables to find the cheapest credit!
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