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9/22/2012 - Paris Motor Show 2012
The 2012 Paris Motor Show will open its doors next week, September 29, for a period of 15 days. This is the opportunity to come and admire the new car models. In a rather gloomy sales climate, some will take the opportunity to change theirs and fall for a new model. The choice of financing will then arise. Rkenney Law has prepared a special Auto Show 2012 auto credit comparison to help you compare credit offers and find the cheapest auto credit.
2012 Paris Motor Show and car loan
9/5/2012 - Car sales in France ... August was not a good month ...
As we knew, car sales on the French market have been declining for several months. The figures for August are in line and it is only 96,115 cars that have been registered. This is 11.4% less compared to August 2011. Unfortunately, French manufacturers are falling even more than the others. The PSA Peugeot-Citroën group fell 10.6%. The Renault group is down 20.6% overall, ie - 29.9% for Renault and + 21.1% for Dacia! During the same period Mercedes grew by + 26.3%, BMW by + 7.5% and Audi by + 8.4%. Asia is also raising its head because Hyundai increased its sales by + 31.4% and Toyota by + 3.9% ... And nothing will work out for the French because the first vehicle to obtain the "Origin" label France Garantie "is the Toyota Yaris! Let's hope that with the Paris Motor Show which opens its doors on September 29, French manufacturers show a little more their know-how!
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