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10/30/2012 - Consumer credit, the decline continues
The results of the production of new loans were still down in September 2012 by - 11.2% overall compared to September 2011. Since the start of the year, the drop has even reached -6.5%! Also compared to September 2011, the production of personal loans fell by 15.4% and revolving credits fell by 8.9%. For the automotive sector, itself in crisis, the production of new car loans "unscrews" by -13.9%. Loans for used vehicles are down by only (!) 4.8%. Even rental with an option to purchase suffered a drop of -10.6% While the household's capital goods sector had managed to stay afloat since the start of 2012, the affected loans (household appliances, multimedia, furniture ...) become negative again and fall by -4.5% compared to 2011. All these figures (statistics provided by the ASF) show that it is household consumption which is, in its entirety, in drop.
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10/13/2012 - Revolving credit still in the spotlight ...
Governments change but, whatever political color they may be, revolving credit is not popular ... The Ayrault government is studying an even stricter framework for revolving credit ... and is even talking about deletion! For Benoît Hamon, it is necessary to review the links that unite the credit cards and loyalty cards of certain stores. A bill will be presented to Parliament in 2013. It should be recalled that the Lagarde Laws implemented in 2011 have already strongly regulated revolving credit. The ASF has just presented its study on this subject: - the number of openings in 2012 is down 15.5% compared to the previous year, - the number of terminations over the same period is up by 60 % ... The government will have to play between consumer protection (already the most draconian in Europe) and consumption which is partly dependent on the production of credit ... A hell of a dilemma ...
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