Latest news - October 2011

10/30/2011 - Revolving credits on the decline ... according to ASF
In its monthly express survey of October 2011 (on the figures for September) the ASF indicates that the French use their revolving credit less and less: -8.8% over one year and -10.6% over the third quarter . In the overall production of consumer loans, revolving credit financing only represented 35% in September 2011, against 38% a year earlier. Since the implementation of the Lagarde Laws, revolving credit is no longer in fashion ... it is less highlighted in advertisements, it does not have a good press and, above all, financial institutions have the obligation to highlight the revolving as much as the personal loan ...
See New Lagarde laws on consumer credit
26/10/2011 - Credit for young people on CDD
In general, banks and credit institutions are quite reluctant to give credit to young people who are on CDD (Fixed-Term Contract). Yet it is often the only type of job that young people can get. Purchase of a car, installation, furniture, security deposit Paydaynow now offers specific loans for young people aged 18 to 30 on fixed-term contracts. The rate is higher than for people with permanent contracts… but the credit has a better chance of being accepted! During your simulation on choose Special CDD - Installation or Special CDD - Vehicles depending on your project ...
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