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This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the problems encountered during refused checks.

Check refused, unpaid

My banker just rejected a check I wrote ... what should I do?
The first thing to do is to contact the manager of your account. See with him if you can come to an arrangement. Remember that if you do not correct the unpaid within 30 days you will be registered with the FCC (Banque de France file) ... which means a total ban on issuing checks for 5 years! Think about the consequences that would have on your everyday life (shopping, doctors, ...)!
Bank of France file
My banker just called me to tell me that he was refusing a check for 117 us dollars. He doesn't want to hear anything. It is a one-off money problem, can I make a loan to get out of this situation?
You can apply for credit but it must be done very quickly before your card is effective. Consult our quick credit page which will allow you to receive the necessary funds very quickly. Only make this request if you are sure you can repay this credit!
Get a loan quickly
I just found out that I had a declined check when I only exceeded my authorized overdraft by a few us dollars. Does my banker have the right to do this?
Yes you have obtained an agreement for an authorized overdraft of a specific amount. More often than not your banker can be tolerant, unless you do not have good contact with him. In this case, after having settled your check ... change bank! Take the opportunity to switch to online banking and thus reduce your banking costs significantly. Most offer daily transactions free of charge, including Premier and Gold bank cards. You'll save some really big money, but that's no reason to relax your mind: control your budget, and make sure you have the funds in your bank account when you write a check.
Compare banks online
Following an unpaid check I am banned from banking. Can I take out a loan to buy a car that I need to go to work?
In theory, there is no link between the ban on issuing checks (FCC filing) and bad credit filing (FICP). In theory only, because often people who have had financial problems are reported to both the FCC and the FICP. If you are “only” prohibited from banking, you can therefore take out a personal loan to buy your car (only if your budget allows it). Note, however, that if you apply for a revolving account associated with a credit card, it will be refused due to the banking ban.
Make a car loan

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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