FAQ - Closing of your bank account by the banker

This section brings together the questions we have received regarding the closure or closure of his bank account at the request of the banker.

Current account closure

I just received a registered letter from my bank telling me that my current account will be closed in 2 months. Is it legal?
Yes, your bank can break the contract by respecting certain procedures: sending a registered letter and respecting a minimum deadline before closing. In your case the procedure is legal.
Closure of account by the bank
Comparison of cheap banks
On Saturday, during an appointment I refused to subscribe (for the tenth time!) To the bank card offered to me by my bank. The tone is a little raised but above all I did not want to pay 35 us dollars for a bank card which I do not need. Tuesday morning I received a letter from my bank announcing the closure of my account within 30 days. It's scandalous, it's a forced sale! What can I do ?
Unfortunately, apart from trying to negotiate with your bank, you cannot go against this decision. You don't have to be profitable enough for your banker, or you're not doing enough paying trades.
Abusive closure of my bank account
Compare bank card costs
Holder of a micro-enterprise for 2 years, my banker has always insisted that I open a professional current account. If at first I agreed, I realized that the fees for this type of account were going to be at least 550 euros / year. Lately my banker told me he was going to close my account. In my case is it compulsory to open a professional account? I would like to point out that my account has an average credit of 18,000 us dollars.
First, as a micro-enterprise you are not required to open a professional account. The law is very clear on this. Secondly, the fact of having verbally announced the closure of your account has no value. It's just bullying.
Closing by the bank of my current account
The cheapest banks
My bank, the XXXX, was trying to charge me all the time and get me to sign an "all inclusive" service package which I find quite expensive (10 us dollars per month). Each time it was the same thing: the bank charged me transaction fees, I went to the bank and I was reimbursed for the fees. My account manager changed 1 month ago and the new one just sent me an account closing letter within 45 days. I've been a customer of theirs for 15 years ... Can't they fire me like that ?!
Even after 15 years of "living together" your bank (like you) has the right to terminate your contract and close your account. Considering the turn of the relationship with your new account manager, change banks!
Bank account closure
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