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This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the ways to compare banks online.

How to choose an online bank

What should be the criteria for choosing an online bank? Is opening an account always free?
As everywhere, opening an account is completely free. What should motivate your choice is above all the means of payment such as the Bank Card, the cost of which varies greatly from one bank to another. Avoid packages sold by banks that require you to subscribe for products you will never use.
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What are the deadlines for opening an online account? Does it take a long time to receive my checkbook or Carte Bleue?
In all the establishments that we tested you can download the account opening agreement, and for the most part, you can apply for the opening of an account directly online (you scan and send your supporting documents directly via the Internet), so you don't waste time on opening. To receive your means of payment (bank card and checkbook), the deadlines are identical to a "classic" agency: from 2 to 3 weeks. This is why we advise you to never close your old bank account before the effective opening of the new one.
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How to open an account online
The Boursorama bank offer seems to me to be the cheapest but I think it is above all a bank for people who gamble on the stock market? What do you think ?
In fact, at the base, Boursorama bank was a bank intended for investors. Boursorama Banque has opened up to a wider clientele. For example, they offer home loans. If you want a less specialized bank, you can compare with Bridgepayday's offer, Hello bank! or ING.
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I want to change bank and I hesitate between monabanq and e-LCL. How to be sure not to make a mistake?
With monabanq , just like with Bridgepayday , all services are accessible online, with e-LCL certain operations must be done in branch. If the Carte Bleue is more expensive at e-LCL, this bank has the advantage of having a network of branches where you can deposit your checks. But you will find many other advantages with an online bank, which does not apply any fees on current transactions. Remember to compare the services offered by the different online banks, (there are several others) with our detailed comparison.
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