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This section brings together the questions frequently asked by visitors to the site about banks, the costs incurred, the operation of an account.

Questions about the bank and its practices

I made a loan recently at Xxxxx. I was surprised to see that my bank had taken 8 us dollars for "debit setup fees". Is this legal?
If these costs are indicated in the pricing provided by your bank, it is legal and you can do nothing ... except a complaint, at the whim of your advisor! If you find that your bank charges you too many fees see our two articles:
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I want to change banks and I am quite tempted to choose an online bank. Isn't that too anonymous?
Online banks usually have a notepad system in their system where all your phone calls are transcribed. This allows each advisor to quickly see what has happened and saves you from re-explaining your situation on every call. It is ultimately a much simpler system than in a traditional bank!
Online banking
Change bank
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Open an account with Hello bank!
To open my online bank account, I am asked to justify my income. Why ?
Your new banker will certainly offer you an overdraft authorization and a Visa Card. He wants to check your situation to establish the limits to which you can claim.
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I have just received my bank statement and I realize that my bank has charged 35 us dollars for "unjustified credit card claim charges". Every month I find myself with additional costs. What should I do ?
First: check that these fees are included in the pricing available in your branch.
Second: ask your banker when you would have been notified of the implementation of these charges.
Third: try to get reimbursed (it's more difficult, unless you have full accounts!). Start finding out how to open a bank account in an online bank!
Consult our files:
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Dissatisfied with the services of my bank because of an "account manager" who changes every 12 or 24 months, I announced to my bank that I was going to close my account to open a new one in a bank directly online . My interlocutor told me that it was not my interest because there were costs of more than 100 us dollars ...?
Since 2004 the banks have undertaken not to charge you with closing costs for your current account ... your banker has just tried to keep you! On the other hand, for savings accounts or securities accounts there is no commitment from the banks. To change bank, consult our comparison of online banks.
Online banking comparison
How to have cash when you are an online bank customer? I like to always have liquid on me and it is a brake on a possible change ...
You can simply make withdrawals with your Carte Bleue, and unlike other banks, withdrawals are free (up to a certain number per month)!
Take a look at our file to compare banks online.
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