FAQ - Banking ban and opening of accounts

This section brings together the questions frequently asked by site visitors about opening a current account despite a banking ban.

Banking ban and bank account openings

I heard that for people with FFC files, and therefore prohibited banking, it was possible to open an account abroad? Is it possible?
Yes, legally, you can open an account in another country of the European community. But beware, you will no longer be protected in the same way as in France: consumer protection is weaker in other countries.
I am banned from banking and on the xxxx site I am offered the opportunity to open an account in Bulgaria to once again have the right to have a Carte Bleue and a checkbook. How is it possible ?
The FCC file is managed by the Banque de France and therefore only covers France. Your ban is national. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that opening an account abroad is not without risk. Do not go through intermediaries but go directly to the site to verify that the bank exists, and detail the costs that you will be led to pay. Unless you travel regularly to Bulgaria and speak Bulgarian, this is a solution to be avoided.
To open an account abroad, a company asks me to sign a power of attorney in order to carry out the procedures for me. What should we think ?
We strongly advise against signing a power of attorney at a company for the opening of a bank account, whatever the reason! If moreover this company is not established in France we let you imagine how it will be difficult to lodge a complaint in the event of embezzlement. To avoid !
Being banned from banking, a friend advised me to open an account abroad. He assures me that the costs are lower than in France. What should we think ?
Bank charges are more or less in all banks in Europe. And some banks in France are even almost free! Compare the visible costs (opening an account, sending the checkbook, the Carte Bleue and the invisible costs (cost of telephone contact with foreigners when everything is done by phone, premium-rate numbers ...). Be careful: we have even found companies that invite you to call voice servers at 1.34 € / min for information!
I am banned from banking and my means of payment have been withdrawn. All the banks refuse to provide me with it. However, is there a way to get a payment card to shop and withdraw money?
Well yes ! Even if you are banned from banking you can get a VISA payment card. This service has a name: Anytime. Created in 2012, it provides a deferred debit VISA card without being linked to a bank account, Anytime not opening a bank account strictly speaking. Its operation is simple: you fund your account at Anytime by transfer, by another bank card or even Paypal. You can then spend what is in your account only: therefore no overdraft possible, so no risk of aggios. Many other modern services are also offered (account management by the application on your phone, money transfers between friends, creating a kitty for a common gift, blocking withdrawals for children, etc.).
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