How do I choose a credit (debit) card?

Carte Bleue, Visa, MasterCard: credit cards on the test

What could be more banal than a bank card? This little piece of plastic is however a real pass in everyday life: purchases in stores, withdrawals from ATMs, reservations on the Internet, but also facilitated during stays abroad (for international cards) ...

Why have two (or more) bank cards?

We are so used to using it that we cannot imagine living without a bank card. And if you've ever had the bad experience of not being able to use your own, you know the problem! For example, you go on vacation for a week in Greece ... and suddenly your famous bank card is refused at all traders. You have to borrow right and left to pay for your small purchases. Note that the same scenario is possible in France and it is always at this moment that you realize that you no longer have a check either! There is only one solution: to have a second bank card !

How to choose a second bank card?

Le site Bridgepayday banque In principle, the bank card you have in your wallet is a debit card: all your purchases are debited immediately or at once at the end of the month. This card is directly linked to your bank account and it is now the most widely distributed by banks.
For your second card, you can take a debit card or a credit card : this second is linked to a revolving account where all your purchases will therefore be taken. Debit cards are offered by banks, supermarkets (Auchan, Carrefour, etc.) and certain department stores.

For this second card, we recommend that you choose it from a different network from your current card. For example if you already have a Visa card, you can choose the second from MasterCard … In France this will have very little impact, but abroad the two networks are competitors and therefore not necessarily present in the same regions.
Beware of the cost of the card if you take your second bank card from a traditional bank: the price of a card can vary from 35 to 135 us dollars (or even more if you choose prestige cards)? In a real online bank (see our comparison) the card is usually free.

Other services

Financial institutions can add additional services ... such as insurance for your purchases on the Internet or in the event of theft ... You should know that all bank cards already have insurance included. Insurance for loss and theft of means of payment is complementary but not compulsory.

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