Files to choose a loan

RkenneyLaw Credit offers you some files that can help you clarify your personal situation and provide you with information for your administrative procedures.

Car loan: how to choose?
Several solutions are available to you if you have chosen to buy a new car: affected credit, personal loan, balloon credit or even LOA (Rental with Purchase Option).
Check out our car loan guide .
Car loan: buying a used car
If the auto credit offers are dedicated to the purchase of new cars, you can nevertheless take out a loan to acquire a used car.
Consult our used car loan guide .
Work credit: how to choose?
Renovating the apartment, redoing the kitchen, expanding a room, fitting out a bedroom, installing a fireplace, electricity or plumbing, there are plenty of opportunities to transform your house or apartment.
Consult our work credit guide .
Financing a motorhome: how to choose your loan?
Several solutions are available to you if you have chosen to buy a new car: affected credit, personal loan, balloon credit or even LOA (Rental with Purchase Option).
Consult our motorhome credit guide
Financing of surgical operations
If cosmetic or dental surgery operations are democratizing, this is not the case for the prices of these surgical procedures. Before committing to these operations, you must prepare your budget.
We offer you our selection of special surgery credits .
Civil servant credit
Civil servants can apply for credit from specialized organizations. Rkenney Law gives you the list.
Establishments to make an official credit .
Returned credit
The end of summer is approaching and we must already think about the recovery. Unfortunately, who says back to school means additional costs to be borne (back to school, supplies, tuition fees, equipment, university ...), which are added to taxes for example. It can be practical to help yourself with a small funding (preferably short).
A credit for the start of the school year .
The positive file
The positive file groups together all the current consumer loans held for each individual. Long requested by some, refused by others, it should finally see the light of day at the end of 2013. A weapon against over-indebtedness? ...
Consumer credit and positive file .
Bank fees
Bank charges have become legion on your bank statement. All these services incidentally offered in the form of packs are not necessarily of great use to you. Decreasing them can save you precious US dollars.
Banks and account fees. How to lower bank charges? .
A household can find itself in a difficult financial situation following the accumulation of debts (multiplication of loans, credits ...), and / or a change in family situation (death, divorce ...) or professional (unemployment ). It is imperative to find a solution to this over-indebtedness.
Over-indebtedness in a few figures.

I am over-indebted.
You will therefore find a first page devoted to the over-indebtedness situation, the conditions for having your file examined by the commission, the mistakes not to be made.
I am over-indebted. What to do ?

How to enter the over-indebtedness commission?
If you think that your request is admissible, you will be able to seize the over-indebtedness commission, to know the procedures.
Questions about the repurchase of credit while being a tenant .

Where can I find over-indebtedness commissions?
To know where to send your file, you will find the list of over-indebtedness commissions which are “hosted” in the counters of the Banque de France.
Where can I find over-indebtedness commissions?


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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