How to choose a loan

By seeing certain advertisements on television, or quite simply by receiving letters at home, you could be tempted to subscribe immediately to the first offer which comes to hand and which is not necessarily "the best". Before saying yes ... carefully read this section which allows you to sort it out.

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Internet credit application
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The Advice section gives you the little tips to avoid being taken in! How to read a credit offer, what are the tips on the Internet so that you do not see certain conditions?
Why do we need to read the small lines? (You know, the ones at the very bottom of the page, in small print and in pale gray!) ...

Renewable credits

Revolving accounts? Even if the Lagarde laws have greatly reduced the attractiveness of these products, revolving accounts (old revolving or permanent accounts ) are offered by all credit institutions and banks. Despite a higher rate, revolving accounts still have the benefits of speed and freedom for the consumer. As much to say to you that the bankers are fighting to make you take out this type of credit ...

Classic credits

To buy your new car or do some work, conventional loans offer generally very attractive rates ... But everything is not so simple and sometimes a very low rate and the one that seems the cheapest can also be the least accessible. !

Credit laws

There are over half a dozen laws regulating consumer credit in France. Discover them:
Consumer credit laws
Credit reform project 2009

And finally, the Lexicon which will allow you to decipher incomprehensible announcements or offers of credits.

Remember that before any final decision, it is best to do credit simulations. This will allow you to find the best offer, with the duration, rate or insurance conditions best suited to your situation. To help you in this process, we have compared the current credit offers .

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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