The advantages of Cofinoga cards

Cofinoga card Cards marked with the Cofinoga logo are issued by brands in partnership with Cofinoga. We can cite the Galeries Lafayette, the BHV, Monoprix, Rue du Commerce, Opodo, Speedy, Monsieur Bricolage, Atlas, Jardiland, Phox, Toyota, Firstop

Payment method, cash by default

The Cofinoga card allows you to make purchases on credit or in cash. However, it is the “cash” payment method that is automatic . To pay on credit you must report it. Without any action on your part, the amount of your purchases for the month is therefore taken from your bank account. As soon as you receive your Cofinoga statement, you can choose to pay on credit. Note, in some cases, you can choose to pay when you go to checkout.

Associated revolving credit

Cofinoga cards are necessarily associated with a revolving account whose pricing will be different depending on the brand where you have subscribed. To benefit from the card, you must first open an account.

The Be smart by Cofinoga network

Cofinoga cards are also accepted in a network of 10,000 stores and websites such as Darty, Afflelou, Géant, but also PriceMinister, Spartoo, etc.

Lending institution

Cofinoga (BNP Paribas Personal Finance Group).


Cofinoga cards allow you to earn loyalty points , the S'Miles . Each time you make a payment in the brands of the Be Smart by Cofinoga network with your card, you accumulate S'Miles according to a reward scale that varies according to the brands in the network. Once you reach levels you can exchange your points for gifts in a catalog: gift card, cinema tickets, restaurant meals ...

Other advantages

Some brands occasionally put promotions reserved for customers with the Cofinoga card.

Our opinion on the Cofinoga menu
The most important advantage of the Cofinoga Card is the large number of brands and stores that accept it. If previously the choice of the type of credit or cash payment was an advantage, it has become a little obsolete with the latest laws which make it compulsory ...


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