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This section brings together the questions frequently asked by site visitors about credit in general.

FICP file
Are you on the FICP file? You are wondering about the laison and the duration of the FICP file. Find here all the answers to the questions already asked by RkenneyLaw Credit visitors.
Questions about the FICP file .
How to get credit when you are on the FICP?
Why and for how long are we on the FICP? How to cancel this listing?
Refusal of credit
What could be more unpleasant than being refused a loan ... RkenneyLaw Credit gives you all the reasons that could have led your banker to say no to you ... and offers you some solutions.
Questions about denial of credit .
My credit was refused. What to do ?
Bank of France file
Bank of France file? That is to say that you have issued bad checks and your bank has removed your means of payment. This file will have a strong impact on your daily life.
Questions about the Banque de France file .
Credit comparison
Do you want to choose the most attractive loan for you? You don't know which criteria to compare: the rate? monthly payments? the total cost? Find our answers and advice here.
Questions about credit comparison .
Owner Credit Buyback
Do you own real estate or are you looking for home ownership? Do you have several credits in progress (personal loan, revolving credit ...)? Do you have a new project, or do you just want to consolidate your credits?
Find here the questions asked about the repurchase of owner credit.
Questions on the repurchase of credit by being owner .
Credit repurchase for tenant
You are a tenant. You have several consumer credits (revolving, car loan, personal loan ...). Do you plan to consolidate all your credits? Find here the questions already asked on EspaceCredit.
Questions about the repurchase of credit while being a tenant .
Credit insurance
With each consumer credit proposal, you also receive an insurance proposal. Often useful and often expensive, insurance is a must.
Questions about credit insurance .
Why take insurance? Should you insure your consumer credit? .
Internet credit inquiries
Today, it is no longer necessary to visit an agency or call an advisor by phone to apply for credit. Credit organizations now all have a website where you can do your paperwork from home, safely.
Questions about applying for credit over the Internet .
Not paying a monthly loan payment?
Do you have an outstanding loan, but would you like to postpone a monthly repayment installment? It is possible to do this legally, under certain conditions. Those who, on the other hand, prefer not to pay without warning, run the risk of serious problems.
How to shift a monthly payment to a loan .
Rejected check - refused check - unpaid check
It may happen that a check issued is refused by the bank for lack of funds in the account. What should be done in this case? What are we risking? Is that bad ? Can we still apply for credit when we are prohibited from banking?
RkenneyLaw Credit sheds light on these unpaid check problems and helps you make the best decisions to break this deadlock.
What should I do when my check is declined?
Forgery and use of forgery for credit
Too low a salary? A domiciliation problem? A delicate family situation? ... Perhaps you have thought about making a forgery, modifying your pay slip or your rent receipt, thinking that your credit application will be more easily successful? ...
If some manage to slip through the cracks, know that this kind of practice is not without consequences if you are discovered.
Fraud to obtain credit ... not without consequences!
Revolving credit (ex revolving or cash reserve )
It is easy today to obtain revolving credit, which makes it very easy to make purchases on credit. However, it can happen that we find ourselves in a delicate situation if we have not been able to manage in a reasonable way this sum made available to him. Certain means are available to restore a difficult situation.
Manage your money reserve well .
Car loan at a garage
When buying a vehicle, dealers and garages generally offer their own credit formula. Is it interesting to subscribe to it? What if the credit is refused? Can we resell the acquired car in this way?
Credit at an auto dealership .
Credit taken from an insurer
When buying your next car, for example, your insurer may offer you a loan for its purchase. Is it interesting? Is it cheaper than elsewhere?
Take a loan from your insurer .
Credit allocated in store
Taking store credit to finance a purchase ( affected credit ) has become commonplace for many. However, certain rules govern this practice. What to do when credit is refused? Can we cancel the credit?
Take out an assigned loan .
Works credit
Doing expansion work, installing a kitchen, enclosing the garden, building a fireplace ... So many subjects which are important to you and which require a works credit. The questions received prove that financing work is not that easy!
Questions about credit works .
Car loan
Finding the car is often the easiest step ... Then comes the question of financing, and here things get complicated! For a used car, the seller wants a cashier's check ... You want the best rate and in addition pay small monthly payments ...
Questions about car credit .
If you no longer have any interest in having a bank advisor appointed to a branch, if you find that today it is absurd to have to go to the bank and have to make an appointment beforehand, if you want to make substantial savings on various management fees or bank account maintenance, if you still hesitate to take the step ... Then follow the Rkenney Law guide!
Questions about banks .
Credit simulations
We will keep repeating it to you: do simulations in several different establishments before deciding on a loan. This will allow you to make your choice with full knowledge of the market offers. Unfortunately, not all simulation tools are necessarily practical ...
Questions about credit simulations .
Banking ban and account opening
The banking ban is particularly penalizing. Some wish to circumvent this by turning to foreign banks. What should we think ? Is it really risk-free?
Questions about opening an account despite a banking ban .
Compare banks online
Since the advent of the Internet, banks have gradually adapted to this new mode of communication, which in particular allows remote consultation of accounts. However, if going to an agency is of no interest to you, or even a waste of time, you should opt for a fully online bank, at particularly advantageous rates compared to a "classic" bank.
Questions about choosing an online bank to open your account .
Closing a bank account
For various reasons your banker could one day send you a letter mentioning the permanent closure of your bank account. What to do ? Does he have the right?
Questions about closing a bank account at the request of the manager .
What documents should I provide for a credit application?
When creating the file, the credit institution or the bank ask for a certain number of supporting documents. Some are compulsory, others optional. They will allow you to check your creditworthiness and your personal situation in order to verify that you are able to repay the loan you are applying for.
Questions about closing a bank account at the request of the manager .
Budget: 30% rule
It is said that you should not exceed 30 percent of debt, but what is it really? Is this "rule" real, and what should we make of it?
In a budget, why shouldn't we exceed 30% of debt?

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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