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This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the credit comparison.

Credit comparison

How to compare 2 competing credit offers?
To compare credit offers, it is first necessary that the amount borrowed and the repayment period are the same. You can then compare the monthly payment and especially the total cost of credit.
Compare credit offers
Do I only have to compare the APR?
Comparing the APR does not mean anything in itself. Credit institutions often put forward a promotional APR that you can never get ...! The best is to do simulations on each site, and then select the site on which you want to make your request.
Credit simulation
What to think of credit comparison sites?
The idea is not bad in itself, but you should know that "credit comparators":
- only offer establishments with which they are in business.
- receive a commission for the sales made.
You are therefore not guaranteed to get the best deal on the market ...
Our credit comparator
I am looking for a loan of 2000 us dollars over 12 months. I was very surprised that on the net company X offered an offer at 3.9% while my banker gave me 5.5%. He tells me he can't line up! I think he could make an effort! ...
For a credit of 2000 us dollars over 12 months at 3.9%, the total cost is 41.68 us dollars! I think your banker thinks it wouldn't earn him enough!
Our credit comparator
You will find below a selection of establishments offering a credit simulation that will allow you to compare these offers:


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A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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