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To obtain a credit some consider forging documents, falsifying them, or making a false declaration. This is not without risk and Rkenney Law explains why ...

Make a false statement? ... it's risky!

I have been told that banks do not check the papers that you send to apply for credit, is that true?
The "on" says anything: the documents you send are scrupulously studied. It is all the same the peculiarity of the profession of banker to verify that his client will be able to repay the granted credit!
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Having no regular income I am tempted to make fake payslips with my accounting software. What am I risking? They're not going to sue me for this ...
False, use of forgery, we can say that you are not going dead hand. Contrary to what you think your banker can file a complaint. In addition, if you produce false documents, this attempted fraud will also cause you another damage: you will be listed as a fraudster ... and this may pursue you for a long time. No mortgage, no car loan ... The game is really not worth the candle!
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I want to take a loan but I don't want to declare my friend. Am I obligated?
The question to ask is rather why not make it appear!? ... Indeed, if you apply for credit with 2 salaries (instead of one) your file has a more chance of being accepted. Moreover, when you describe your family situation you will therefore make a false declaration with the risks that this entails.
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I applied for work credit at XXXX. They asked me for account statements for the last 3 months. Is this normal?
In the vast majority of cases financial institutions do not ask for account statements. If this is your case, it is certainly that the person who studied your file had a doubt about your budget and wants to check your real debt.
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A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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