FAQ - Car loan from an insurer

This section brings together the questions frequently asked by visitors to the site about the car loan offered by an insurer.

Car loan offered by an insurer

My insurer offers to give me the loan for my next car, is that interesting?
Whatever the proposal made, we always advise you to compare credit offers from different organizations. Insurer, banker or credit specialist, none can claim to be the cheapest permanently ... In addition, your insurer will probably offer you vehicle insurance in a pack ... Be careful not to pay more for your insurance for earn a few us dollars off the total cost of credit!
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Insurance Company X is currently advertising a credit that appears to be the cheapest. Do you recommend this type of credit?
Please note, most of the time, to benefit from a subsidized credit rate, the insurance company can ask that you take out shares in the company but also that you insure the vehicle at their place ... Once again, the pack system remains quite opaque ...! Make absolutely sure that taking insurance and credit separately does not cost you less!
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A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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