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Credits without proof

On a financial site where Credit without proof was indicated, I carried out a simulation and a credit request. Once I received the file by post I saw that I had to send my payslips! This is false advertising!
In fact, for the bank or the financial institution, the notion of "Without Proof" means that you will not have to justify the use of funds. That is to say that you will not have to provide invoices… On the other hand, you must justify your income by presenting your payslips, or your tax notice if you are self-employed.
Documents to provide to make a loan
On the Internet, there are advertisements like A credit without proof of income , but when we read on the site we see that it is necessary to give guarantees for the repayment. What does that mean ?
In fact, Credit without proof of income is a trap ... Indeed, can we imagine that a bank lends to an individual or a company that can not justify its income? ... If you know that a nobody is making money, are you going to lend them 10,000, or even 1,000 us dollars? How can she manage to reimburse you?
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Is it normal to require someone to justify their income? Why not a credit Without proof of income ?
In France, the law obliges lenders (banks and financial institutions) to verify that they grant loans to individuals who can repay. To find out the situation of its future customer, the bank will ask for proof of income, identity and address. It is a way of protecting consumers against themselves, and also of eliminating credit companies which over-indebted consumers.
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A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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