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This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the file at the Bank of France.

Bank of France file

I want to build a house, do I have the right to apply for a bank loan despite being registered with the Banque de France?
A Banque de France (FCC) file, that is to say for issuing unpaid checks, does not "in theory" prevent you from making a mortgage ... However, your banker who has refused checks will necessarily have difficult to grant you a mortgage of several hundred thousand euros! It would not be consistent.
The FCC card
I just received a letter from my bank asking me to regularize a
discovered within one month, under penalty of being registered with the Banque de France. If I don't do anything what will happen?
The first thing to do is to go see your banker to, at a minimum, show that the subject interests you, and that you are not indifferent to it. Keep in mind that being on the Banque de France file is not trivial: it means no more checkbook, no more payment card ... Everything then becomes much more complicated in your daily life: rent, shopping, outings ...
The FCC card
In 2014, I issued a check which was refused. I regularized within 7 days. Am I registered with the Banque de France? I am worried because my partner and I have applied for a car loan. Isn't the file in danger of being refused because of me?
Not at all. If you have regularized within 7 days, there is no Banque de France card. You can therefore be reassured. Your car loan will not be refused (at least for this reason ...).
The FCC card
Car loan with LOA
To find out if you are on a Banque de France file, is there a site or a phone number that you can contact?
The answer is no ! You must go to one of the branches of the Banque de France. This procedure is normal because it allows you to verify your identity.
List of commissions Banque de France
The FICP file

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