FAQ - Papers to provide for a credit application

This section brings together the questions frequently asked by visitors to the site on the papers and documents to be provided to obtain a consumer loan (car loan, work, personal loan, revolving credit ...).

Documents to submit to make a loan

Following my credit request, the company asks me to give it my bank account statements for the last 3 months. Do they have the right?
They certainly want to check your actual debt and see if you haven't concealed any outstanding loans. If you want to get your loan from this company you have to send them. Otherwise they will simply refuse the credit.
Documents to provide to make a loan
Credit offers say Without proof
To obtain a loan, my bank asks me for the amortization plan for a car loan that I have taken out in another company. I don't see why she's interested ...
Your bank must simply try to buy your credit from the competition ... Or they want to check the real term of your credit.
Papers to give for a loan
I made 2 credit requests at the same time in 2 different banks to compare the offers. One of the two banks asks me to send him additional papers: my account statements. And I don't want to send them ... What's going to happen?
Nothing special can happen. On the other hand this bank will record that you do not want to provide your account statements. Which suggests that you have something to hide ...
The supporting documents to provide for a loan
For my work credit application, I am asked to give precise information about my project: where the materials are purchased, who does the work, signing an estimate ... Is it mandatory?
The credit institution that lends you the 15,000 us dollars simply wants to verify that you are actually doing work and not that you need, for example, 15,000 us dollars to settle debts ...
Proof of work for a credit


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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