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This section brings together the questions frequently asked by site visitors about credit insurance.

Credit insurance

How is the insurance calculated on a permanent account: the cost changes every month ?!
You are right ... On a revolving account the amount of your insurance is calculated every month on the amounts still due. For example, if you still owe 2400 us dollars and your insurance rate is 0.50%, your premium at the end of the month will be 12 us dollars.
The more you repay your loan, the lower the premium ... But if you borrow again, the premium goes up!
Cost of a revolving loan
While I had taken out health insurance with my credit, the insurance does not want to take care of it because they consider that my disease is a relapse ... Is this normal?
"Normal" we do not know, but contractual, yes, certainly! If you reread your insurance policy you will certainly discover a sentence indicating that " the consequences or relapses of pathologies which occurred before the loan was taken out are not covered ". This is the case for almost all insurance.
Usefulness of credit insurance
Insurance is too expensive for consumer credit. Do we have to subscribe to it?
No, insurance is optional and it is up to you, the customer, to tick the box with or without insurance . That being said, you still have to think about it before not subscribing to it! It can be very useful not to pay your monthly credit payments during hospitalization, for example ...
Obligation to take out insurance with a consumer credit
When applying for credit, my banker told me that if I did not take out the insurance, the credit would be refused.
It is a way of telling you that your file is fragile, either in terms of the budget or in relation to your personal situation. He simply wants to protect himself against the risk of non-payment. If you think you can do without insurance, contact other credit organizations to compete!
The best credit rates

Our advice : make your request online! This will make it easier for you to complete your credit application by taking your time to choose your insurance option.
You will find direct links below to apply for credit where insurance is optional:

Optional insurance from the simulation and upon request:
Simulation on Paydaynow
Simulation on Cofinoga


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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