FAQ - Auto loan at the garage

This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the car loan carried out at a garage.

Car loan at the garage

To buy my car, is it better to borrow from a bank or from the car dealership? Are there any differences?
For the purchase of your vehicle, we advise you to contact a credit institution or a bank: they are the ones who generally offer the best rates. This should not prevent you from doing simulations and comparing ...
Choose a car loan
We ordered our vehicle from X and the seller offered us a loan for financing. The credit being refused, how do I pay for the car?
You are not required to take delivery of the car because it is linked to the credit: if this is refused the sale is canceled.
The addresses of credit institutions
We bought a car 2 years ago in a garage with a loan offered by the seller? Can I sell the car while the credit is not finished? Is the vehicle pledged?
There is little chance that the vehicle will be pledged. It is an increasingly rare practice. Go to the Prefecture of your place of registration: there are now machines that quickly issue you certificates of non-pledge. Some prefectures offer this service directly via the internet, so find out how to avoid long queues on site!

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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