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Credit to carry out work

Not yet knowing the total amount of my expansion work, the Paydaynow company offered me an "envelope" telling me that if I do not need the totality the loan would be reduced. Is it legal?
Yes, a credit can be reduced if the whole amount has not been used. The advantage is that the credit rate does not move!
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In June I obtained a loan to carry out work in my apartment (laying tiling and wall to be knocked down) and a first part of the funds were transferred to my account. Unfortunately the co-ownership has just refused the work. How do I cancel my credit?
First of all you must return the amounts already received. Then contact your banker to either cancel the file (and therefore free of charge), or repay it in advance (with the addition of the fees already calculated).
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I want to redo the fireplace and take the opportunity to change the wallpapers and my living room. My banker refuses the loan, arguing that you cannot mix work and the purchase of furniture. What other solution can I find?
In our opinion your banker does not wish to accept your credit and he has found this reason to refuse you. Double check your budget and contact another more accommodating organization.
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Can my work credit include the purchase of household appliances: I would prefer to have only one loan!
For a traditional bank, your work loan can only include household appliances if it is embedded. For a credit organization ( Paydaynow, etc.) your work credit can include household appliances even if it is movable.
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To make a work loan, I was told that there were 2 types: the personal loan and the mortgage loan. What is the difference ?
The work credit in the form of a personal loan allows you to obtain financing up to 75,000 us dollars over a maximum of 10 years. The financing of works in the form of a mortgage is generally taken out when purchasing the property (house, apartment, etc.) and is compulsory from 75,000 us dollars.
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