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You may not be in a situation of over-indebtedness, but your budget may find itself in difficulty with too many monthly payments after taking out multiple loans. A loan repurchase (or a consolidation of receivables) will allow you to re-spread your outstanding loans ...

Credit buyback for owners

My budget is literally exploded because, in addition to my rent, I reimburse a car loan, another for the television, and 2 store cards. Would the repurchase of credit be useful for me?
This is a possible solution, but you have to act quickly to prevent your situation from deteriorating. Do different simulations to find the best deal.
Simulate several loan redemptions
I asked my banker to redeem my credits and he refused because I am registered with the FICP. I specify that I am a tenant. What solution do I have left?
The FICP file prevents credit institutions from giving you new credit ... or a repurchase ... As you are a tenant there is no solution, and you will not find any credit institution worthy of the name that will accept to give you a credit.
Last resort: ask your employer for a salary advance (but it depends on the amount) or help from those around you (this is the best way to argue).
FICP file
I have made several credit redemption requests, how do I know which one is the best?
To compare these offers it is absolutely necessary that the amount of the credit and the proposed duration are identical ... Then, look on the offers of credits the total cost indicated ... It is the only element which will guide you!
Redemption of credit without taking a mortgage (as for a tenant)
FICP file
I am looking for a solution to consolidate all my credits for a total of 25,000 us dollars. We are on a permanent contract at 1,100 us dollars per month and 1250 us dollars for my spouse. We also receive stipends of 460 us dollars per month. Our rent is 580 us dollars. We have an over-indebtedness file. How to redeem all our credits?
Whatever your situation, by having made a request for an over-indebtedness file, you are on the FICP file. And because of this record, no credit institution or bank can make you a loan, or a loan repurchase as long as you are registered with the FICP.
Choose your tenant loan buyback
Having an over-indebtedness file in progress, I would like to know, if I can take out a balloon loan through the dealer?
Having an over-indebtedness file in progress you are on file and you cannot take out loans, leases, mortgage and of course balloon credit.
Redemption of credit without taking a mortgage (as for a tenant)

You will find below a selection of establishments offering credit redemption:

Establishments Benefits Click!
Cofinoga An immediate online response in principle for consumer loan buybacks cofinoga
Younited Credit A loan for individuals ... between individuals. Often very well positioned in terms of credit. Younited Credit
Finishes Established since 1998. Obtain a first estimate of your reduced monthly payment in real time FinaPrets


A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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