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This section gathers the questions frequently asked by the visitors of the site on the FICP file and the refusal of credit.

FICP file

My credit was refused by my bank without any explanation. How do I know why she is rejecting my request?
Banks or credit institutions are not required to give the reasons for a refusal of credit or an acceptance !!! They just don't want to disclose their method of acceptance. However, if the refusal is due to the fact that you are on the FICP file, they must inform you ... Do not worry, if this is your case you will quickly find out ...
The reasons for a credit denial
I got refused my credit. Guess it's because I'm 34% in debt. How to do ?
You are certainly referring to the "30% debt rule" not to be exceeded. This rule does not exist, neither in fact nor legally. Your bank has certainly refused your credit for other reasons ... Try your luck in other online establishments.
Make multiple credit requests
30% debt rule
My banker refuses my credit: he told me that my "profile" was not good ... He does not want to tell me more ... What to do?
All credit institutions have their own criteria for accepting or refusing credit. They use scoring methods. That is to say that your personal and professional situation is statistically studied to assess your chances of repaying your credit. In your case, you must have had a bad grade!
Nothing prevents you from applying for credits in other establishments ... which will not necessarily have the same criteria ...
Credit application
Refusal of credit, scoring or profile
My bank is rejecting my loan application ... Is it because I declared that I live in a cohabitation with my friend and that I am gay?
Be careful, don't get me wrong! ... Credit refusals are in no way related to your sexuality, your skin color or your religion ... Several credit institutions also offer for the choice of " your family situation "to indicate PACS or cohabitation (this is the case for example at Paydaynow, Sofinco ...)
Credit refused
I can't get a loan: all the banks and establishments refuse me. How to do ?
In France there is no "right to credit" and no establishment is required to give you a loan. If you are on the FICP, you have no other solution than to wait for the unloading. If you are not listed, your "borrower profile" is not suitable (age, profession, income ...). In this case, you must try with as many credit institutions as possible to have the chance to find one that accepts your request.
4 requests, 4 refusals! I am always told that my whole file is wrong ... What is happening?
To study a loan application, banks use, among other things, a mathematical scoring method, to find out what the risk is that you will not pay your loan. If your profile matches that of people who have not paid correctly before, your request will be rejected. Some establishments have a less restrictive scoring , you can try to make a request:
Can my bank deny me a loan after sending me an offer that I have completed, signed and returned?
For consumer credit, a loan offer is not a loan agreement, it is a prior offer ... then your file is studied. For real estate credit, receiving a loan offer is on the other hand an acceptance.

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