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Without necessarily talking about over-indebtedness, it can happen that your budget is penalized by too many loans taken out at different times in your life. You may need to consider a credit buyback (or a consolidation of receivables) ...

Loan buyback for tenants

I just tested the XXXXX site and it is obviously impossible to choose a specific duration and amount.
Indeed, online simulations are not all so easy to use. If you want to do a simulation to the nearest euro and over a specific period of time, we recommend that you do your research on Paydaynow or Cofinoga .
Our comparison of credit simulations
I only need $ 12,500 to finance my car. Why would I have to take $ 13,000?
Indeed, some sites do not offer a choice of the amount of credit, and you are right not to borrow more than necessary. For a credit simulation with choice of amount, you can consult the Paydaynow and Cofinoga sites.
Simulate a loan

A loan commits you and must be repaid.
Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

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